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Although we are not up and running, we do have a solid stable of brews that we are working to bring to market as soon as we find permanent brewing space.  For the time being we can be contacted, liked and/or followed on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  We'd love to hear from you.  If you'd like to join our mailing list, click here.  We'll keep you up to speed on our progress.  

Alex (Dunkel -- 7.1% ABV): Caesar salad. Chocolate-chip cookies. Chicken Marengo. All of these delicious things were inspired by a maker who said, “I have these ingredients—what can I make?” Sometimes a great Solution comes from working with the ingredients you have on hand. Let’s add this one to the list: Alex’s blend of malts and subtle hops add up to a smooth-tasting, gorgeously reddish-brown dunkel. Should we brew this again?  Let us know.

Alfie Byrne (Irish Stout -- ABV 6.2%): Your first taste of this dark-as-a-Dublin-midnight stout whooshes you back to the boisterous streets of the Irish capital once presided over by Lord Mayor Byrne. Your next few sips hint at coffee and chocolate and vanilla, but those flavors aren’t add-ons—they’re there due to the brewer’s skill at coaxing complexity out of the grain, hops, and yeast.

Alfie Byrne’s Berries (Irish Stout with raspberry – 6.7% ABV): Your first taste of this dark-as-a-Dublin-midnight stout whooshes you back to the boisterous streets of the Irish capital once presided over by Lord Mayor Byrne. Those toasty coffee and chocolate flavors are there thanks to the brewer’s skill at coaxing complexity out of the grain, hops, and yeast. New for this batch: A sprightly touch of raspberry that launches this traditional stout fast-forward into the 2020s.

Amos (English Bitter-- 4.8% ABV): Tradition and resolve—good conversation—maybe a mention of Her Majesty will fit right in with this veddy British ale. Lots of U.K. malt and noble hops lend a decidedly across-the-pond feel to this one.

Andie (Hibiscus Wit -- 6.3% ABV):  An inspired touch of hibiscus makes this Belgian-style wit just right for the long days of June and July, while also lending our pretty friend a pinkish hue and a touch of tang. 

Arthur (West India Porter-- 7.5% ABV): This version of “Uncle Arthur’s” original 1801 stout porter will get your Irish up with the classic notes of dark and darker malt. The creamy head will tip you off to Arthur’s style.

Barry (New England IPA-- 5.4% ABV): Get in the summer swing with this smooth charmer, which makes good use of hops that suggest flavors of red barrys … uhhh, berries, and dark summer fruits.

Becky (Earl Grey Pale -- 6.0% ABV):  Some people like beer. Some people like tea. Check out this ale enhanced with a grace note of Earl Grey tea. A bit of bergamot, a touch of tannin, but completely itself. Please enjoy with your favorite beer lover, tea aficionado, and/or bibliophile.

Bonham (New England IPA—7.0% ABV): ABV Lose yourself in the taste of this hazy IPA, where Citra hops provide the steady drumbeat and CTZ hops peal their power chords. Winding through: just-right Cashmere hops, with a sinuous, complex character that boosts the taste of this brew to new heights.  All will be revealed.

Bernie (New England IPA-- 7.1% ABV): A citrusy hop/pine party that’s ALL IN with the fruit, the hops, and the yeast. A little hazy, a little funky, and singularly itself—that’s Bernie.  

Burn (aged Byrne Irish Stout—6.2% ABV): Byrne’s roasty coffee and chocolate flavors are turned up to “Extra,” as an already-toasty stout is aged on rum-infused charred oak. The resting adds new flavors of vanilla and a hint of smoke, making this taste of Dublin a smooth treat worth waiting for.

Butch (American Pale Ale -- 4.4% ABV): Butch’s sparing addition of Centennial and Amarillo hops to the brew ensure lots of tangerine and pine notes but no back-of-the-throat hop burn. There’s a time and place for that, but Butch wasn’t feeling that at the moment. Butch feels old-school but these updated aroma hops ensure a solid, classic pale ale taste for today. 

Calvin (New England IPA -- 7.4% ABV): Inspired by the last decade’s focus on New England IPAs, Calvin’s alchemy of pale malts and fruity, classic American hops add up to one heady brew. 

Carmen (New England IPA – 6.6% ABV): The fruity, hoppy notes of Carmen will have you asking “Where in the world? …” Our answer: This New England IPA goes international, globe-hopping to make the most of different regional flavors. Take yourself on a Grand Tour with this one.

Charles (UK ESB – 5% ABV)Our take on the classic “extra special bitter” or ESB, a beloved British style that boasts all English malt for a subtle caramel backbone, balanced with the fruit and spice of the time-honored British hops Fuggles and Kent Golding. Charles 1 lost his head in London in 1649, but you’ll keep your head if you spend time with Charles, as he’s a reasonable, sessionable 5%.

Chesty (West Coast IPA – 7.1% ABV): An ode to one legendary USMC veteran, Lt. General Lewis “Chesty” Puller. Chesty IPA lets you know about both its blend of classic West Coast hops and its hefty malt bill right up front. A West Coast double IPA—big, bitter, and strong. 

Cornelia (New England IPA -- 7.2% ABV): Hazy, juicy, hoppy. Lots of hops. All the frigging fruity hops. Tons of hops send up orange, grapefruit, and mango aromas right up your nose—even the yeast is managed carefully, adding its own note to shoot the fruit up your snoot. Some people say this tastes like orange juice. But maybe don’t drink it for breakfast. Brunch anyone?

Chrissy (Blonde Ale—5.1% ABV): No blonde jokes here: This is a clear, sunny-colored, easygoing beer with a snow-white head. A modern blonde pays tribute to its roots in Germany but keeps it contemporary with nods to local tastes and ingredients.

Dallas (Imperial Red Ale-- 9.5% ABV): This Imperial American Red Ale is as big, bold, and friendly as its namesake city. Dallas is sweet while slapping you on the back, spinning a wild yarn, and inviting you to sit a spell and enjoy. Smooth bittering all-American hops balance nicely with this beer's caramel notes. 

Dean (New England IPA-- 7.5% ABV): Gobs of hops, creamy body, in-your-face American and New Zealand hops.  Pretty hazy and assertive but your new U.S./Kiwi friend will talk your ear off and then invite you over for dinner.

Didier (New England IPA – 8.2% ABV): Didier is a reimagination of one of our 2020 beers, Larue, a single-hop IPA featuring a newer French hop called Barbe Rouge. This iteration – say bonjour to Didier! – has a more traditional NEIPA malt bill and the addition of some traditional fruit-forward IPA hops to complement the definite strawberry notes of the French guy. We made the tweak based on your feedback, so keep the comments coming!

Diego (Belgian Porter--6.6% ABV): This Belgian porter amped with unrefined Mexican sugar is the wild child of the bunch, painting roasty, bready, toasty pictures on your palate. The mouthfeel is lighter than you’d expect from the dark color and creamy head; the Belgian yeast whispers of a Continental connection.

Diego 2 (American Porter-- 8.2% ABV):  Diego’s cool American cousin trades the slightly mysterious Belgian yeast profile for a traditional U.S. yeast -- more Yankee ingenuity from oats and wheat add up to a solid American porter flavor.

Esmerelda (American Pale Ale -- 6.3% ABV)A uniquely balanced beer that rings all the bells—hop-forward, firm malty backbone, gorgeous copper color, persistent head. Esmerelda hits all those notes. Twenty years ago, people would have considered this a strong IPA; now craft-beer drinkers in the know will class this glass as a tasty pale ale.

Epicurus (IPA-- 6.2% ABV): This titan of Greek philosophy believed that the happy person is one who lives simply, seeks only those pleasures that contribute to long-term peace of mind, and seeks to make and keep good friends. Sounds like the perfect environment for sharing Epicurus – the philosophy and the brew – with those you enjoy.

Fritz (American Pale Ale —  6.5%): American Pale Ale—the style that launched a thousand beer lovers. Believe it or not, back in 1975, when this beer style was launched by a couple of West Coast breweries, this bitter and highly hopped brew was positively revolutionary. We’re not at liberty to name the brewery or the specific beer, but one sip of this floral and citrusy pale ale will—for those of us of a certain age—anchor us firmly back in the day when this taste woke up our tastebuds.

Gabriella (Light Ale—3.8% ABV): Light beer might seem like a new thing, but this modern take on a classic style (so-called “dinner ale,” dating back to early-1900s Britain) has plenty of history behind it. Gabriella serves up tasty English-style pale malt, subtle yeast, and a clean, refreshing finish. And at just 111 cals/12 oz., this brew makes for a sprightly, fun quaff. 

Gavin (WC IPA — 6.9% ABV): Our fall take on a classic West Coast IPA marries a classic blend of Golden State hops (name Simcoe, Citra, Mosaic and Centenial hops) and a special Heritage Malt that turns the sweetness up a bit without introducing a cloudy East-Coast-fruity situation. It’s clear – Gavin’s definitely a contender.

Gelb (Pale Ale-- 6.2% ABV): Hops named Amarillo (yellow/gelb) boost the sunshiny citrus quotient in this hazy NEIPA. Together with the respectable 6.2 ABV, this means a smooth, traditional brew.

Gillis (American Pale Ale -- 5.3% ABV): Four kinds of hops! Gorgeously tawny color! Reasonable ABV! All add up to an easygoing yet flavorful ale. The kind of ale that would go great after rolling a few strings of candlepins.

Gina C.  (Cream Ale -- 5.4% ABV): Coke Classic, McDonald’s French fries, candy cigarettes, red Jell-O. Some things never change, and when you taste them everything just seems right. Gina C is light, crisp, not bitter – everything a quintessentially American cream ale should be. 

Harley (NEIPA—7.0% ABV): Get a load of all the fruit impressions the new “Harlequin” hop delivers to a standard New England IPA: shades of pineapple, peach, and even passion fruit. Grab a few friends and enjoy this hazy charmer on a late-summer weekend afternoon.

Henri (Belgian Strong Ale-- 10.0% ABV): Named for a favorite Belgian uncle who maintained that the shape of the glass ALWAYS matters. He was right, BTW. Belgian by birth, Belgian in temperament, American by tribute. Clear skies and tail winds always, monsieur.

Historia (West Coast IPA – 8.1% ABV): Remember, back in the day, when a West Coast IPA was nice and malty, solidly bitter, and full of taste? So do we. Bring your taste memory back to those formative years with Historia, which we brewed using an “old-school” 1994-era West Coast IPA recipe. This full-flavored beer boasts some overlooked West Coast hops (Warrior), added during the boil for that throwback taste and bitterness. Feel young(er) again with Historia.

Honor (Hibiscus Wit — 5.3% ABV): Take the charm of a classic, polite Belgian witbier, introduce some zingy hibiscus blossoms, and what do you get? Honor – she’s a little bit pink, slightly tart, and full-out refreshing.

Hume (Light Dinner Ale-- 5.4% ABV): Who says session ales are the “newest thing”? A light, spritzy, flavorful charmer based on a recipe from 1911. That’s a long time ago – we did the math.

Ian (English Pale Ale—4.7% ABV): Ian is a golden example of a British pale ale. The malty, sweet nature is more than matched by floral and fruity bittering hops on the finish. Poured on nitro, Ian’s tight and creamy off-white head tops off a sessionable, agreeable “draught bitter.” 

James (Fruited IPA – 8.4% ABV):  This West Coast IPA has everything turned up to 11: Lots of malt character and ample fruit-forward American hops, all of it fermented with peach puree. See the world through peach-colored glasses with James.  

Josef (Kölsch -- 5.7% ABV): Similar to a Trappist-style single – definitely dry and with that crisp, sentimental noble-hop experience. Subtly fruity esters from the yeast complete the libation and tip the glass in tribute to Abbot Josef of the last Trappist monastery.

Karl (Kölsch -- 5.0% ABV): Karl’s sparkling clarity shows off the best of authentic German grain, traditional Teutonic hops, and adherence to traditional brewing methods. A crisp, light beer sporting a backbone that will have you shouting “Noch eine bier [one more beer], Karl!”

Larue (New England IPA—7.5% ABV): Let’s celebrate the red fruits of summer – like strawberry, currants, and raspberry – with this NEIPA that showcases the “Barbe Rouge” hop, an innovative variety from the Alsace region of France. What warm-weather tradition will you introduce to our ruddy new transplant—poolside hangs or post-pick-your-own baking day? In any event, thank goodness for the warm weather, right?

Leary (West Coast IPA -- 7% ABV): Expand your mind and your concept of what an IPA can be with this intense – dare we say dank -- fruit bomb.  Take a trip through the mellow meadow with Leary, which features loads of resinous hops with way-high sticky, citrusy character. No hemp, no weed, no altered minds here – just a more lofty imagining of a juicy, low-bitterness IPA. (About that – we may or may not know a guy…).

Liam (English Dark Mild -- 3.6% ABV): Bring the quintessential taste of a British pub home to the colonies. With its mix of British malts, a classically English and fruit-featuring English yeast strain, and the pub-classic spicy British hops, we’ve got a beer that evokes “Ye Olde Horse & Plough” or wherever you’re imagining you’re enjoying your British brew. An English “mild” isn’t a judgment on the strength of the beer, but rather denotes that it’s not aged. Sit down with Liam, mind the gap, and think of England.

Lily (imperial amber-- 8.0% ABV): Imperials are dark(er), sweet(ish), definitely bold. Some would say bitter, but let’s call Lily “intense.” A character-full eye-opener you won’t soon forget.

Louis (west coast double IPA-- 8.3% ABV): Super malt character lends Louis a full body; hop additions during the boil, ferment, and rest ensure a blast of pine, citrus, and mango in your nose as you lift Louis to your lips. A classic west-coast DIPA experience.

Machiavelli (Raspberry Blond Ale-- 4.7% ABV): This lightly-hopped, pale-cerise blond appeals to realists, lovers of intellectual discourse, and anyone who really just likes a well-made lighter beer energized by a spritz of berry. Not fruity; rather, fruit-adjacent. Yum.   

Marley (Tropical IPA-- 6.8% ABV): Can you still call yourself a New England-style IPA when your hops whisper of the tropics? Marley’s solid 6.1% ABV and medium body say “yes” with its papaya and mango notes. Close your eyes and imagine warm sands, conjure the sound of palm-tree fronds clacking in the breeze, and don’t worry about a thing.

Martha (New England IPA – 7.1% ABV): Martha’s hazy NEIPA might be local to New England, but the tropical hops take you on a wild ride to warmer climes as you’ll taste pineapple, citrus, and melon.  

McGann (Irish Blond-- 5.1% ABV): Named as homage to a legendary Emerald Isle publican – this so-called white stout uses oats plus light English malt and traditional hops for a quintessentially Doolin quaff that’s light in color but sturdy as all get-out.

Momma Kim (Belgian Pale Ale – 7.6% ABV): A straightforward IPA (Esmerelda), but fermented with Belgian farmhouse ale yeast. The hops provide the citrus-forward framework, this time enhanced by the warm spices provided by the estery farmhouse-style yeast.  

Mike Big Boss (Albany Ale – 10.1% ABV): We believe there is a lot to be learned in exploring older styles. Albany ale was a strong, pale brew that used the local 6-row barley and the local Cluster hop and is representative of the beer sold in the Northeast prior to 1900.  Our homage to this historic style has the body and sweetness of a U.K. barleywine; it’s lighter in color, but don’t be fooled—those Cluster hops are assertive.     

Nicolas (Wheat ale – 5.0% ABV): An American wheat beer with a definite point of view. The U.S. wheat and German yeast serves up a balanced beer that offers some gentle esters, a bit of citrus, and a lot of flavor. You’ll want to visit with Nicolas again. 

Paul (U.K. Bitter – 5% ABV): Shout out to PAUL FROM LIVERPOOL! Oh – errr … -- sorry, mate, not that one. This Paul is brewed in tribute to a heritage brew from Liverpool, England, called Cain’s Finest Bitter. Alas, Cain’s shuttered operations in the early 2000s, but we’ll keep up the tradition using classic U.K.-style crystal malts plus time-honored British hops along with our local (Maine-grown) base malts. We doodley-do, Paul. We doodley-do. 

Rocky (Honey Ale -- 5.2% ABV): This gorgeous golden fizzer is named in homage to the original honey lager popularized in the 1970s by the father of American homebrewing, Charlie Papazian. His original honey lager changed the game for both homebrewers—who initially thought putting honey in beer was very strange—and the wider brewing industry, which then took Charlie’s idea and ran with it. Even though Rocky contains pounds of honey, it ferments out completely, leaving only a wisp of sweetness and a round, almost floral note. 

Rose (American porter—5.9% ABV): Rose charms from the get-go with a dark, zingy, and sweetly malt-forward approach. Rose is fermented on tart cherry puree, giving it a different spin on the usual – all the roast with none of the burn.

Sally (Cream Ale-- 5.7% ABV): This cream ale is hopped with Idaho 7, known as the “Golden Hop” or “Lucky 7.” All we know is that it imbues our shy Sally with citrus-forward orange plus smoky tea flavor. No actual oranges or tea were harmed in the making of this beer.

Слуга народу/Servant of the People (Ukranian Stout -- 7.6% ABV): War, grain blockades, and metal embargos have hurt the people of Ukraine and the brutal fighting continues. Chef Jose Andres’ World Central Kitchen (WCK) went to the front lines immediately after Ukraine was invaded, building -- with his partners -- the largest food-relief operation in eastern Europe. More than a year later, WCK’s brave and dedicated #ChefsforUkraine continue to show up every day in hundreds of cities in Ukraine and the surrounding region to ensure that residents, refugees, and returned fighters have nourishing food and water as they are forced to live under fire and with limited resources. WCK pledges to support and feed families separated by war all across eastern and central Europe, so we are pledging to support WCK, Chef Andres, and the people of Ukraine. Please donate if you can to WORLD CENTRAL KITCHEN

Sigmund (Vienna IPA-- 6.0% ABV): Celebrating the sweet, roasty goodness of Vienna malt melded with the best of U.S. West Coast hops.  It might sound contrary and extreme, but remember: Sometimes an IPA is just an IPA.

Simone (blackberry Saison -- 6.2% ABV): The existentialist philosopher de Beauvoir was an early French feminist, an educator, a prolific writer, and was both hailed and reviled during her lifetime. She was Jean-Paul Sartre’s partner for more than 50 years. Imagine the conversations over a few drinks in their house…spicy and prone to make the listener blush.

Sparky (West Coast IPA-- 7.8% ABV): Named for a son of America’s heartland who transplanted himself to the west coast and became the “all-American” artist, Sparky India Pale Ale is hoppy, bitter, citrus-focused, and clear. Although IPA was developed two-plus centuries ago in England, it’s become for some enthusiasts the de facto “all-American” beer.

Standish (Belgian herbed single-- 4.8% ABV): One taste, one exclamation: “We can make this!” From a far-north excursion emerged Standish, something of a pioneer with its peppery/light Saison yeast and herby additions. Merci, Montreal, for une source d’inspiration!

Steve (California Pale Ale—5.6% ABV): Folks who’ve been around the beer block a couple of times will clock this pale ale’s hoppy taste as one of their formative, original craft-beer experiences. Liberal use of the Cascade hop and embrace of its piney-citrus character straight-up shifted U.S. expectations about what beer should taste like. A delicious back-in-the-day, forgot-how-good beer.

Teach (Blackberry Wit—4.3% ABV): Belgian-style wheat ale is traditionally fruity, with a citrusy touch from the addition of orange peel and coriander seeds. A summery touch of blackberry takes this wit one step beyond, lending our fruit-forward friend a pinkish hue and a tart/sweet balance.

Teddy Ballgame (Pale Ale -- 4.8% ABV): This beer is perfect for enjoying during your favorite events, like maybe a twi-night double header. Teddy’s style is a tip of the cap to a classic West Coaster, with a firm malt backbone and a smooth follow-through. No asterisks here.

Ti Jean (Belgian saison—7.5% ABV): Inspired by a summery Belgian-style saison from Quebec, this refreshing beer gives you that complex Belgian-yeast spice along with tons of citrusy hops, buttressed by sweet orange peel and bergamot for that extra “je ne sais quoi.”

Thomas (New England IPA-- 7.3% ABV): Thomas stays close to the NEIPA route—its stone fruit and funky-fresh character mark this brew as a new classic style.    

Twain (Belgian Strong-- 7.7% ABV): Strong is more better, right? Twain’s full-up with fruity, estery, hoppy character. Goes amazingly well with anything you’re eating.

Vinnie (West Coast IPA -- 8.2% ABV): All the new-style left-coast hops you need. All the body, sweetness, and straightforward drinkability you want with more than the typical malt backbone. Say hello to your new friend Vinnie.

Vito (Orange Blond-- 5.3% ABV): One sip and you’ll taste, see, smell, the oranges. Not a harbinger of doom this time, but rather a portent of good times, great beermaking, and maybe a movie-trilogy marathon? 

Volker (German Alt —5.4 % ABV): Germany’s “altbier” or “old-style” beer refers to its older style of top-fermenting yeast. Yet in this modern version, the copper-colored brew is subtle and balanced all around, with a restrained hop presence, typical biscuity malt, and a healthy off-white head. 

William (Porter -- 7.1% ABV): A smooth British-style brown porter, a balanced dark-brown porter that‘s malty and roasty without tasting too sweet or charred. A well-done porter like William will definitely make a convert out of someone who says, “I don’t usually like those darker beers.”     

Willie (French Stout -- 6.9% ABV): Let’s talk about the bittering agent in this stout – gentian root. Also known as bitterwort or devil’s taint (!), gentian was used to bitter all kinds of beverages in the pre-hop past. Gentian’s known to grow mostly in rough terrain, on the side of hills or mountains. Just like Willie and his farm—tough, tenacious, strong-willed.

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