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Local breweries matter to communities.

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

What’s your local?

Put another way, where do you go in your community to hang out for a bit, have an interesting microbrew or two, see some neighbors, and talk to your friendly neighborhood craft brewer?

People who love local beer know this already: That micro- and nanobrewers foster community and civic engagement. Small brewing establishments that solicit their guests’ input and curate their beer offerings can bring together even the busiest neighbors.

But don’t just take my word for it: Take it from noted journalist James Fallows, whose 2016 piece in The Atlantic listed 11 traits that distinguish a town or a city where things “just seem to work.” On the list are characteristics like proximity to a research university, successful private-public partnerships, visible town mothers and fathers, and a thriving downtown, even if it’s a tiny one. Number 11 on the list – and the measure that Fallows said well may be the most reliable – is the presence of one or more craft breweries.¹

We all already knew that, but it’s nice to have a famous writer do some legwork for us, isn’t it?

LoveLocalBeer wants to tell the stories of these breweries. These communities. These entrepreneurs. The beer offerings and the people behind them.

Let’s get to know the brewers—the owners—the organizers—the patrons. We’ll find a vast variety of hometown taprooms and cool activities to write about and encourage you to visit.

OK, fans—LoveLocalBeer wants to hear from you: Use any of our links (email by clicking "Get in touch" on our front page, Twitter (@lovelocalbeer), Instagram (@lovelocalbeer), FB (@mylocalbeer) to clue us in to your favorite neighborhood brewers and taprooms, your preferred hangouts and fun spots.

So let us know: What’s your local?

¹ James Fallows--

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