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Celebrate your state! (With local beer)

BTW, it's also "Tampa Bay Beer Week," Victoria (BC) Beer Week, and Philly Beer Week. Pretty much any state or large metro area that has any interest in craft beer is going to have a Beer Week or Brewers' Fest on a given week or weekend.

Mass Beer Week: March 7-14, 2020. Graphic courtesy Mass Brewers Guild.

I mean, do the math: That's a lot of taps to travel to, commemorative glassware to collect, and local craft beer to get to know and love.

Get out into your neighborhood and beyond--visit local micro- and nano-breweries--talk with the makers--gab with your neighbors--spend a bit of time in the taproom tasting and enjoying the scene.

Trust me: You'll come away from several of these visits with a new appreciation for the area, its creative minds, and the many ways "local" applies to these community gathering places.

Happy Beer Week, wherever you are!

Sip the rainbow during Beer Week ... and beyond. (Photo credit LoveLocalBeer)

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